Charlie Kam
Charlie Kam, Conference Chairman of TransVision 2007 will host the event as Master of Ceremonies. A Chicago native, Charlie Kam is a renowned singer/song writer and entrepreneur as well as a member of the Extropian Institute, World Transhumanist Association, Immortalist Institute, World Future Society, Singularity Institute and Alcor.<br />
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Charlie Kam is best known for his musical parody of Ray Kurzweil&裟s Singularity, "I am the very model of a Singularitarian" which has been a favorite among transhumanist and futurist community blogs. IEEE Explore magazine recently compared Kam&裟s song to Kurzweil&裟s definitive work, "The Singularity is Near" suggesting that you can just listen to Kam&裟s song if you don&裟t have time to read Kurzweil&裟s 600+ word tome. Kam boasts a number one ranking on Last FM online radio, "the social music revolution" and a video version of the Singularitarian song on YouTube.<br />
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As President of Greenpack Construction, Charlie Kam builds state-of-art, solar powered homes that implement all types of recycling. Kam believes that the potential of solar power to safely and cleanly, solve most all of our world&裟s energy problems, and decrease much of the pollution and environmental destruction caused by using fossil or nuclear energy, has been conspicuously ignored. Charlie Kam is taking action by building homes and buildings that attempt to provide all of the power by way of solar energy. Greenpack Construction has the first market rated L.E.E.D. certified platinum level green energy condominiums ever constructed in the city of Chicago.<br />
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The LEED Green Building Rating System is a standard that measures sustainability. There are four levels that buildings can achieve from the LEED rating system: certified, silver, gold and platinum being the highest. As of July 2005, there are only nine platinum-certified "new construction" buildings in the entire world - two of these buildings are located in India and six in the United States.

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