Behind the Scenes: Secrets of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Behind the Scenes: Secrets of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the most highly anticipated events in the fashion industry. With its stunning models, elaborate stage designs, and breathtaking lingerie, it has become an annual spectacle that captivates millions of viewers worldwide. However, what goes on behind the scenes is just as fascinating as the show itself. In this article, we will uncover some of the secrets and intricacies of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that most people are unaware of.

The Casting Process

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel is not just about physical appearance but also about personality and commitment. The casting process is an extensive one, involving a panel of judges who assess talent, charisma, and the ability to represent the brand. Models are evaluated based on factors such as their walk, style, and presence on the runway. The rigorous selection process ensures that only the best of the best appear on the Victoria’s Secret runway.

Preparing for the Show

Months before the show, models immerse themselves in intense workout routines and strict diets to achieve their coveted physique. They work with trainers and nutritionists to ensure they are in top shape for the event. Additionally, fittings for the exquisite lingerie take place, where meticulous alterations are made to ensure every piece fits perfectly. The models also take part in rehearsals to perfect their runway walks, ensuring that their movements are fluid and confident.

Costumes and Wings

One of the most iconic aspects of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the elaborate costumes and wings worn by the models. These creations are meticulously designed and handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans. Each set is unique and tailored to complement the theme of the segment. The wings, often the centerpiece of the outfits, can weigh up to 30 pounds. They are carefully attached to the models using a secure harness system to ensure they stay in place and allow the models to strut the runway with elegance.

Setting the Stage

The runway and stage designs for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are nothing short of extraordinary. Months of planning and collaboration between designers, set builders, and production teams go into creating breathtaking settings that transport viewers to a world of fantasy and glamour. The stage is adorned with towering props, mesmerizing LED screens, and intricate lighting arrangements to enhance the overall experience. These details create an enchanting ambiance that showcases the lingerie in all its glory.

The Angel’s Makeup and Hair

Behind every stunning Victoria’s Secret Angel is a team of hairstylists and makeup artists who work tirelessly to achieve the signature glamorous look. The beauty team creates natural yet enhanced makeup looks that highlight the models’ facial features. Effortlessly tousled hair is a staple, achieved through a combination of styling products, curlers, and volumizers. The result is a cohesive and distinctive aesthetic that solidifies the Victoria’s Secret brand image.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was an annual event held by Victoria’s Secret from 1995 until 2018. However, the company announced that it was canceling the show indefinitely in 2019 due to “marketing strategy shift.” It is unclear whether the show will return in the future.

2. How are the musical performances selected for the show?

The musical performances for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are carefully curated with the aim of complementing and enhancing the overall atmosphere of the event. The selection process involves considering popular artists who align with the brand’s image and appeal to a broad audience. The chosen musicians often perform their latest hits, adding an extra layer of excitement to the show.

3. How do models prepare for the physically demanding runway show?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show requires models to be in peak physical condition. Many undergo intense workout regimes that include a combination of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. They also follow strict diets to maintain their energy levels and achieve the desired body shape. Weeks before the show, models focus on increasing their core strength to confidently carry the heavy wings and costumes during their runway walks.

4. How are backstage mishaps handled during the show?

Backstage mishaps are not uncommon in live events, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is no exception. The event’s production team is well-prepared for such situations, with a dedicated team of seamstresses, makeup artists, and hairstylists ready to solve any issues that arise. Quick fixes, such as pinning a loose garment or fixing faulty accessories, are seamlessly managed to ensure a flawless visual presentation on the runway.

5. How do models stay confident during the show?

Confidence is key for the Victoria’s Secret Angels as they strut down the runway. While it may seem effortless, the models often face nerves and pressure. They receive continuous support from the production team and fellow models, who encourage each other to showcase their best selves. Rehearsals play a significant role in building confidence, as the models practice their walks and learn to embody the essence of the brand. Additionally, extensive hair and makeup preparations help the models feel glamorous, which boosts their self-assurance.


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a grand production that encompasses much more than meets the eye. From the rigorous casting process to the meticulous costume and stage designs, every aspect of the show is carefully crafted to create a mesmerizing experience for spectators. The dedication and hard work put in by the models, production teams, designers, and beauty crews make the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show an iconic event in the fashion world.