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Ranga Ranga

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Rishi and Radha are children of best friends Ramu and Chanti. They fall in love at the age of 14. They share a common gift watch with each other on their birthday. However, Rishi witnesses Radha being harassed by their classmate Rakesh and warns Radha to avoid him. While Radha abides by Rishi’s words, Rakesh hatches a plan to trick her into talking to him. This invokes Rishi’s fury, and he starts beating up Rakesh which prompts Radha to slap him and in return Rishi slaps her. With this event, they both vow that they do not talk to each other until one of them first breaks the silence. Ten years later, Rishi and Radha are medicos and are still in love but do not talk to each other.

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On the other hand, their families get close to each other and share the same neighbourhood. Radha has an elder sister and an elder brother Arjun Prasad. Arjun is an aspiring politician for Samaja Seva Party. The party has a youth leader Rana who uses the influence of his father to become youth president when his plans are thwarted by Arjun who exposes his drug scam. Now the entire family of Rishi and Radha plan to go for Tirupathi leaving the pair and Arjun. While Radha prepares for her studies at her friend’s home. Rishi arrives to distract her with loud music. So, Radha decides to leave her home when she gets caught by Rana. While Rana and his associates including Fish try to molest her, Rishi arrives to save her, and Radha kisses him passionately breaking the silence between the two and uniting them.

Meanwhile, Arjun’s friend Siva arrives from the US and is the son of the Minister. Arjun decides to give the hand of his elder sister to his friend while his sister reveals she is in love with Rishi’s brother. This infuriates the minister who publicly demeans Arjun. Losing his prestige in the colony, Arjun picks a fight with Rishi’s family and orders his family members to stay away from them.

Radha and Rishi attend a medical camp. Radha is assigned to a guardian, the village sarpanch. One day there appears to be an accident to the auto in which Rishi was travelling, and Radha rushes to the hospital to see Rishi doing well. She breaks the silence one more time, and the couple unites again for a second time. The pair decides to unite their family the way they got united. So, they make a plan to bring the mothers of both families to a temple. At the temple, the mothers get united after having a conversation with the daily opera. Now they get both their fathers to a theatre that plays Yamagola. The fathers who were friends earlier get united quickly. Now Rishi tries to help Arjun Prasad gain prominence in his party by supporting a local MLA to win a bye-election. However, there appears to be an accident of a Cobra bite to a kid nearby and Rishi and Arjun try to help their family. While Rishi carries the kid to the hospital, Arjun gives some money to the mother for hospital expenses. The local MLA wins the election despite Rana planning to do some rigging and Rishi thwarting his plans.

However, Rana utilises this as an opportunity to show the party committee members that Arjun bribed the public for a vote and used his family to rig the elections. While the committee plans to take action against Arjun, the minister Nagababu arrives and shows the bribe is a made-up story by Rana and saves Arjun. Now Arjun rushes home, however on the way Rishi and Radha confront him together and show him that their families have united, and he is all alone. Arjun is furious at this and confronts his family when Ramu explains to him that Chanti is his friend even before he got married and kids were born and questions his morality bringing change in Arjun’s behaviour. Arjun realizes his mistake and apologizes to both the families and unites Rishi’s brother with his elder sister Shuba and Rishi with his younger sister Radha. Both couples get married.

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