The Science & Health Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure | Huberman Lab Podcast #69

I describe the mechanisms by which deliberate heat exposure impacts body temperature, metabolism, heart health, hormone production, exercise recovery, cognition, mood, and longevity. I detail specific protocols for deliberate heat exposure, including exposure times, temperature ranges to consider, time of day, and delivery mechanisms (sauna vs. hot bath vs. open air heat, etc.) in order to achieve different specific outcomes, including dramatic growth hormone releases, or reduction in cortisol levels. I also discuss the ability of locally applied heat to heal or otherwise improve various bodily tissues and new data on how local application of heat may induce the conversion of metabolically sluggish white fat to metabolically robust beige fat.

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Article Links
Sauna bathing is associated with reduced cardiovascular mortality and improves risk prediction in men and women: a prospective cohort study:
Endocrine Effects of Repeated Hot Thermal Stress and Cold Water Immersion in Young Adult Men:
Endocrine effects of repeated sauna bathing:
Growth hormone response to different consecutive stress stimuli in healthy men: is there any difference?:
Sauna Bathing and Risk of Psychotic Disorders: A Prospective Cohort Study:
Local hyperthermia therapy induces browning of white fat and treats obesity:

00:00:00 Heat & Health
00:03:37 Momentous Supplements
00:04:52 The Brain-Body Contract
00:05:46 LMNT, InsideTracker, ROKA
00:09:31 Body Shell Temperature vs. Body Core Temperature
00:13:28 Thermal Regulation, Hyperthermia
00:17:36 Heat Removal Circuits, Pre-Optic Hypothalamus (POA)
00:26:30 Protocols & Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure
00:33:37 Tools & Conditions for Deliberate Heat Exposure
00:38:47 Deliberate Heat Exposure, Cortisol & Cardiovascular Health
00:44:50 Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs), Molecular Mechanisms of Heat Regulation
00:47:56 Longevity & Heat Exposure, FOXO3
00:52:30 Deliberate Cold & Heat Exposure & Metabolism
00:54:48 Deliberate Heat Exposure & Growth Hormone
01:04:32 Parameters for Heat & Cold Exposure
01:08:26 Circadian Rhythm & Body Temperature, Cold & Heat Exposure
01:12:00 Heat Exposure & Growth Hormone
01:16:20 Tool: Hydration & Sauna
01:17:10 Heat, Endorphins & Dynorphins, Mood
01:28:44 Tool: Glabrous Skin To Heat or Cool
01:35:33 Local Hyperthermia, Converting White Fat to Beige Fat, Metabolism
01:47:00 Hormesis/Mitohormesis & Heat/Cold Exposure
01:49:11 Benefits of Heat Exposure
01:51:10 Zero-Cost Support, YouTube Feedback, Spotify & Apple Reviews, Sponsors, Momentous Supplements, Instagram, Twitter, Neural Network Newsletter

Disclaimer: The Huberman Lab Podcast is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of medicine, nursing or other professional health care services, including the giving of medical advice, and no doctor/patient relationship is formed. The use of information on this podcast or materials linked from this podcast is at the user’s own risk. The content of this podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users should not disregard or delay in obtaining medical advice for any medical condition they may have and should seek the assistance of their health care professionals for any such conditions.

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